"Costumes & Courage" is the Halloween episode of the TV series Austin & Ally.



Screenshot from the episode.

Austin's record company invites Team Austin to a Halloween party at a rumored to be haunted house. When Austin catches Ally having lunch with his record producer he mistakenly assumes that Ally is giving his new song to Taylor Swift for her to sing at Jimmy's party. Austin becomes furious and sends Jimmy and Ally a message calling them evil gutless rats. Ally reads it and confronts Austin. He explains what he heard, and Ally tells him he was supposed to sing her song with Taylor and it was supposed to be a surprise. At the Halloween party, they split up to find Jimmy to erase the message. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez hunt for ghosts. Things go wrong when they accidentally knock Taylor unconscious. Since Taylor and Ally are wearing identical costumes, Ally poses as Taylor to save the party.

See the article on Costumes & Courage on Fandom's austinally wiki.

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