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Bell, Book and Candle is a 1958 fantasy film directed by Richard Quine. It was written by John Van Druten and Daniel Taradash. It stars James Stewart, Kim Novak, and Jack Lemmon.

The movie was not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America when it was first released but it has been shown on television in the United States with a TV-PG rating. The film is rated PG in Canada and U (short for "Universal", meaning "suitable for all" and roughly equivalent to an American G) in the United Kingdom.


A modern day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancee, so she enchants him to love her instead, only to fall in love with him for real.


Bell Book And Candle (1958) - Open-ended Trailer for this bewitching comedy02:35

Bell Book And Candle (1958) - Open-ended Trailer for this bewitching comedy

Theatrical trailer. Fully licensed video from Fandom Video.

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