Cocoon Bats

Cocoon Bats are a vampire bat-inspired decoration made available around Halloween to add flair to a haunted house decor theme.

Unlike many bat decorations, these are made to appear as if roosting. Thus they are "cocooned" in their own wings, hence the name; these wings are also made of a mesh-like material to produce an eerie translucent effect, especially when backlit. To give them a scarier look, they have inset plastic jeweled eyes that can catch the light to make them seem to glow. To display them, a small wire extends between their feet for hanging purposes. They come in two sizes: Large and small.

Although intended to be hung from the ceiling or a low-hanging object such as a chandelier, a particularly clever or crafty displayer may create an "upside-down" or "sideways" room, and place the bats hanging from either the wall or the floor (preferably from a rafter-like object placed for effect to prevent their accidentally being stepped on). This may help pull off the idea that the room has been askewed by some otherworldly force. You can also put them in the closet if you choose to provide a "coat check", where the bats may startle guests who are placing or retrieving their jackets before entering or exiting.

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