Count Nocturne

Count Nocturne is a monstrous alien mutant created by the evil Divatox, the Intergalactic Pirate Queen of Evil out of a lunar space bat, which she had wrapped her tongue around for this very purpose. In an attempt to transform the Turbo Rangers into vampires, he successfully ambushed Carlos, the Green Ranger, ending in a bite that infected the Ranger with vampirism. Despite this, Carlos was given a temporary antidote after attempting to obtain blood at the local high school blood drive.

Count Nocturne was later encountered at the park, hoping to sway Carlos to his side once again; however the Rangers attacked and he was, as usual, transformed into a giant by Divatox, leaving the Rangers to pilot their Rescue Megazord. The Count turned out to be too powerful for them however, and nearly defeated not only the Rescue but also the Turbo Megazord, giving Nocturne a significant increase in power while at the same time putting Carlos in even more danger of being ensorcelled by vampirism once more. Likely desperate to win the battle, Carlos himself came up with the idea of combining the two zords into the Rescue Turbo Megazord after successfully knocking the Count to the ground for a moment. Before Nocturne can properly recover and react, they sliced his weapon apart and destroyed him, freeing Carlos from becoming a vampire as his master was now slain.


  • He is voiced by Tom Fahn.
  • His Super Sentai counterpart in Carranger is OO Batton.

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