Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde costume
Name: Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde costume
Difficulty level: Moderate
Common? Uncommon to Rare
Male or Female? Female (default), Male (if partially crossdressed)

The Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde costume is a relatively uncommon gender-swapped variant of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde costume. Despite being uncommon, it is one of the best known gender-swap costumes due to the dual nature of the character. There are two variations of the costume: one where both sides are female, and one where one side is female (or crossdressed) and one side is male. The wearer may wear a costume based off of the idea of the original story, or from the 1995 British-American comedy film, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.

One idea of the costume, the costume wearer can make one side of their body up to look like a doctor, with a doctor's lab coat, subdued make-up, and hair pulled back into a bun; the other side of their body can therefore represent Ms. Hyde, wearing something that vastly contrasts the professional look of the doctor side, perhaps with wearing a short, black dress, with wild, unkempt hair and make-up.

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