Goblin (H1)

Goblins are a unit associated with the Barbarian plains faction of Enroth, serving as the faction's first tier unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. They can be recruited in Barbarian towns from the Hut, which are built by default. Like other tier one units, Goblins lack special abilities and are good for one thing and one thing only -- bashing opponents. Because they have 3 HP and move at medium speed, they are of moderate usefulness when compared to other tier 1's, and they are much better suited for offensive over defensive tactics.

Goblins are useful in the early game, able to defend Orcs while also attacking any foes who approach. Each Goblin won't survive for long considering their lack of Defense, but they make up for this by having a base growth of 10 units per week (which like other units can be increased with the construction of a Well). Goblins work best in large numbers where they attack before being attacked; however, a single Wolf is a better investment for the 200 gold price tag than the 5 Goblins, considering the Wolf's speed statistic and its attack capacity. Goblins are also greatly affected by both the Bless and Curse spells.

See the article on Goblin (H1) on Fandom's mightandmagic wiki.

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