Halloween 2012


The Halloween 2012 project is the fourth annual project since this wiki was started.


  • 500 articles
  • Reduce the number of stub articles
  • Twenty unique users, fifteen of them logged in, making at least one edit to a mainspace page
  • Expand pages about movies
  • Expand pages about TV shows
  • Make a lot of costume pages


We have fallen somewhat short of the goal of having twenty unique users editing mainsapace pages. The Episodes of shows that relate to Halloween page attracted the most editors. receiving a maximum of nine different ones. However, more than 300 people voted in the poll on the front page and the site had 63,000 views in October. We have reached and surpassed the goal of 500 articles. We have gone from having zero articles about Halloween TV episodes at the start of September 2012 to having 128 now and many more aticles about movies and costumes have been created. However, many of the articles are short. In some cases, there is not much to be said about the topic. Others are stubs which require expansion. This is something that we should address before October 31, 2013.

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