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Hello all readers. This wiki is about all things connected to Halloween, including costume ideas, decorations, fun crafts and activities that you can try, Halloween-themed episodes of TV shows and TV specials and some scary and not so scary movies that make suitable Halloween viewing. You will also find articles about related holidays, famous horror characters and all manner of ghosts, monsters, things that go bump in the night and creatures that give people the creeps! Be careful when reading alone in the dark and rember that you are not alone. Whahahahaha!



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Transylvania 6-5000 is a 1963 Warner Bros. short animated film which stars the famous rabbit character Bugs Bunny. It was directed by Chuck Jones and features the voices of Mel Blanc as Bugs, Ben Fromer as Count Bloodcount and Julie Bennett as the two-headed vulture. In the cartoon, Bugs travels to Transylvania and gets the better of a vampire.

A significant amount of footage from Transylvania 6-5000 also appears in Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special, a 1978 Halloween TV special.

The cartoon's title is a punning reference to the piece of music "Pennsylvania 6-5000", first recorded by Glenn Miller in 1940.

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