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Hellbound: Hellraiser II is the second film in the Hellraiser franchise.

A sequel Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth was released in 1992.


Kirsty Cotten is placed in the Channard institute, where she sees her father cry for help. She is then determined to rescue her father from Hell.

The owner of the institute, Phillip Channard, resurrects Julia, so she can show him the labyrinth of Hell, they use a puzzle solving girl named Tiffany to open the box.

While looking for her father, Kirsty runs into the cenobites, Pinhead, Chatterer, Butterball, and Deep Throat, they tell Kirsty that her father is in his own Hell, and is unreachable.

Channard and Julia make it to Laviathine, where Julia turns Channard into a cenobite, Kirsty discovers that it was Frank all along who sent out that cry, She burns him, and Julia rips Franks heart out, getting revenge on him for what he did to her, Kirsty and Tiffany manage to defeat Julia, and escape.

When they make it to the real world, the cenobite version of Channard invades, now they must close the box, Channard is then decapitated, and Kirsty and Tiffany escape from Hell.

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