"Increases all attribute defenses on the first turn. Wait until the effects disappear, dispel them yourself, or attack with a neutral special attack!" — In-game description

Jack O' Lantern KHX

Pumpkin Soldiers (ジャックオーランタン, Jakkuōrantan) are a type of Emblem Heartless that appear in video game Kingdom Hearts χ during the game's Halloween event that took place in 2014. They hide inside a jack-o-lantern carved into a menacing face. They appeared in a huge number of seemingly oddly-named varieties, which included Bitter Macarons, Black Ballades, Blue Rhapsodies, Crimson Jazzes, Emerald Blues, Emerald Serenades, Emerald Sonatas, Festive Fireworks, Green Requiems, Grey Caprices, Huge Fireworks, Huge Watermelons, Large Fireworks, Large Round Rice Cakes, Large Watermelons, Mighty Macarons, Pink Concertos, Red Nocturnes, Round Rice Cakes, Sapphire Elegies, Scarlet Tangos, Silver Rocks, Spring Metals, Striped Arias, Swaying Spooks, Turquoise Marches, Violet Waltzes, Wandering Spooks, Wicked Watermelons, and Yellow Operas.

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