Jimmy Stone

Jimmy Stone was a bald, middle-aged priest of the Order's Valtiel Sect in Silent Hill, who was also known as "The Red Devil" by his initiates due to the triangular red hood he had worn during ritual sacrifices. He was murdered by a young Walter Sullivan to begin his 21 Sacraments, making him victim #1 ("01121"). He was killed inside of the Wish House Orphanage when Walter shot him in the back of the head so he could remove Jimmy's heart.

It is believed that his existence as the Red Devil is what indirectly led to the town's manifestation of the various Pyramid Heads roaming the town, but especially those seen by James Sunderland and Maria.

Having been murdered and trapped to the insane Walter's unholy deeds, Jimmy was transformed into a ghost known from then on only as Victim 1. He floated around and tried to stop the 21 Sacraments from being completed, leading to him directly killing Joseph Schreiber and unintentionally successfully delivering Walter the Despair, his fifteenth victim.


  • Silent Hill 4: The Room
  • Silent Hill: Past Life (referenced by character Reverend Stone, confirmed to be Jimmy's ancestor)

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