Screenshot from the episode.

"The Legend of Clownfoot" is a Halloween episode of Jojo's Circus, an animated TV series for preschoolers. It first aired in the United States on the Disney Channel on October 5, 2003.


While trick-or-treating, JoJo, Goliath, Skeebo, Trina and Croaky pay a visit to Clownfoot Lodge to hear Mr. Tickle's annaul telling of "The Legend of Clownfoot." This spooky interactive story lets the listener play along by adding sound effects such as the howling of wind and knocking at a door. Viewers practice doing silly faces with JoJo to keep from being too scared and then need them when suddenly the lights go out. Skeebo is delighted, though, as he has been hoping to get a photo of the real Clownfoot. Trina ridicules the idea, saying that there is no such thing. After the lights are turned back on, the children follow a trail and start searching for clues. They make a surprising discovery as to what caused the lights to go out, the trail they are following, and the eerie moaning noises they have been hearing.


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