Lich Lord (MM2 Genesis)

Genesis sprite

Lich Lords are a rare, undead monster found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book II: Gates to Another World. They can appear during random encounters in dangerous areas, although a party usually won't have to worry about them showing up. However, a single Lich Lord must be battled alongside a Monster Masher in order to rescue the hireling Mr. Wizard.

They are extremely dangerous, as they can eradicate characters with their melee attack, putting them out of action for at least the rest of the battle (as the eradication status can only be cured outside of battle). Despite this, they prefer to cast Implosion instead, which luckily, only causes damage. They also have high hit points, armor class and magic resistance, making a battle with them that much tougher; however, as an undead creature they are weak to the Holy Word, which can possibly kill them instantly.

They are similar in appearance to grim reapers.

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