Sylvia 2

Screenshot from the episode.

"Sylvia: Part 2" is an episode of the TV series Little House on the Prairie which makes suitable to watch on Halloween. It first aired on NBC in the United States on February 16, 1981.


After getting raped on Halloween, Sylvia's father will not let her leave their house except for when she is in school. Everyday he calls to check in to make sure she is at home. Her dad plans for them to move away were nobody knows them, but Sylvia and Albert want to run away together and get married. Then, Sylvia goes into hiding, and Albert unkowingly tells the rapist where she is and he tries to rape her again but his plan fails and he is shot and killed.

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See the article on Episode 718: Sylvia (Part 2) on Fandom's Littlehouse wiki.

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