Lucy van Pelt costume
Name: Lucy van Pelt costume
Difficulty level: Easy
Common? Fairly common
Male or Female? Typically female

The Lucy van Pelt costume is a costume usually worn by women and girls. It is based on the character Lucy van Pelt from the Peanuts comic strip and the animated TV specials, series and movies based on it.

Lucy is a girl with shoulder-length black hair. She is usually depicted in the comic strip as wearing a knee-length dress, socks and shoes with flat heels. In the animated cartoons based on the strip, her dress and socks are colored blue and her shoes are colored brown.

A black wig and/or a mask are optional additions to the costume. The wearer can also be a little clever by carrying an American football, as a reference to one of the most popular recurring scenes in the series - the "football fake out".

See also

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