Minor Demon (MM1 PC)

Original PC sprite

Minor Demon (MM1 NES)

NES port sprite

Minor Demons are monsters found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. They are a very dangerous opponent and should take first priority in most situations; taking them out will typically make the encounter far less difficult. Their hit points, armor class, damage and speed are all quite high, and they also possess regeneration, magical resistance, and a special attack called Energy Blast that gives them a 25% chance to deal up to 20 damage to a random party member. As a way to partially equalize the monster's strengths, it is able to advance to the front lines but doing so leaves it vulnerable to melee attackers.

One of the game's initial enemies, they are one of the first two enemies to be able to attack twice, although to compensate they are weaker in strength, dealing less damage per attack. They are also cursed with a low attack speed, although their armor class and hit points are average.

Luckily battles with Minor Demons can be quite rewarding. They are one of only a few earlier enemies to drop gems, and they also provide a significant amount of experience points.

The original sprite for the Minor Demon is reused later in the game for the Minor Devil, a stronger variant of the creature. Like most creatures, their design was drastically changed when the game was ported over to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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