My haunted house

The show's logo.

My Haunted House is a TV series about haunted houses. The first episode aired on May 4, 2013. The first season was made up of only six episodes. Season 2 began on June 1, 2014 on Lifetime Network. The season appears to have ten episodes.

List of first season episodes

"The Nursery"

"The Closet"

"Unwanted Guest"

"Mirror Image"


A nurse is tending to a elderly woman who needs a nurse with her every night. But then strange things start happening in the house and the old woman seems to have a connection to the activity


A couple about to be married buys a cabin in the woods to be their future vacation home. But, while they are spending the night they have some unwanted company.

List of second season episodes

"Ghost Hunters"

"Vow of Silence - Cryptic"

"Art Loft - Drowned"

"Family Grave - Deception"

"The Sorority - Secret Room"

"Trapped in The Basement"

"The Attic - 'Till Death"

"Pest House - Sleepwalkers"

"The Whispering - Ethel"

"The Boneyard"

"The Invited"

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