Title card.

'"A Pinky and the Brain Halloween"" is a Halloween-themed episode of the animated TV series Pinky and the Brain.

The title characters in the series are two laboratory mice. The one known as the Brain considers himself to be a genius. His goal is world domination. In every episode, he tries and fails to take over the world. The one known as Pinky is aware that he is an idiot.


Mr. Itch (the Devil himself) offers to give Brain the world in exchange for his soul; Brain refuses, but finds out later that Pinky has taken the deal. Snowball the hamster appears as his court jester, attempting to make Brain miss Pinky so much that he will look for him, leaving Snowball in charge. Brain enters a rhythmic gymnastics competition with Mr. Itch and loses, when Pinky points out that Mr. Itch was actually unable to fulfill his part of the deal, making the whole deal null and void.

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