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R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It is a Universal TV movie that takes place on Halloween, releaesed in 2007, and shown for the first time on TV in October 2007 on Cartoon Network.


A 13 year old goth girl named Cassie finds a book from an old Halloween store called, "The Evil Thing" and it has a warning on the first page, "Do Not Read Aloud" the next night, she goes to a Halloween dance and pulls a prank on a popular girl named Prisilla, by putting cockroaches in her piniata, the prank works, on the very next night, Halliween Night, after she took her younger brother Max Trick or Treating, he begs Cassie to read. "The Evil Thing" to him, after word, The Evil Thing comes to life, and it captures Prisilla, Max, and a Papa Johns Pizza man, Cassie teams up with a guy named Sean, and they set out to kill the Evil Thing, their first attempt failed, so they go to the shopkeeper, and he tells them, "Two Heads are Better than One, that's the way to get the Bloody job done" they figure out the riddle, and get blood from the roast in Cassie's house, As The Evil Thing's babies hatch, Max breaks free, and throws the blood on The Evil Thing, causing the Bloodsucking head to attack it's othet head, killing itself, the children make it home safely, Cassie says bye to Sean, and hies ipstairs to read Max, "The Bearenstein Bears" later, Cassie's parents come home, find ths book in The fire place, and reads it.


  • Emily Osement as Cassie Keller
  • Cody Linley as Sean
  • Brittany Elizabeth Curran as Prisilla
  • Tobin Bell as The Shopkeeper

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