Room for one more

The driver tells the businessman that there is room for one more.

"Room for One More" is the sixteenth story included in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


A business man stays at friends' house as a guest while traveling. In the middle of the night, a car pulls into the driveway. He wonders who could be up at that hour, then notices that the car is a hearse. The hearse's driver gets out, sees the businessman and says that there is room for one more. The businessman tells his friends about it the next morning who figure he was dreaming. Later in the day, he goes into work at an office building and, at day's end, waits for the elevator. When the elevator door opens, he sees it is filled with people. One of them is the driver of the hearse and he says that there is room for one more. The businessman says that he is going to wait for the next elevator. When the door closes, the elevator falls and crashes and everybody in it is killed.

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