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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: The Babysitter

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The babysitter

The babysitter starts to get spooked when the man keeps calling.

"The Babysitter" is the twenty-third story included in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Plot Edit

A babysitter is babysitting three children. The phone rings and she answers it. She hears a man laughing, she asks who he is and he hangs up. Then the phone rings again and he says "I will be there soon" and hangs up. He starts calling multiple times, saying that he will arrive soon and keeps hanging up, the babysitter and the children get very scared. The babysitter calls the police and they say that they will be right over. The man calls again and says "I'm coming now." and hangs up again. When the police get there they find out the man is upstairs and arrest him.

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