"Skeletons provide easily available power early on."

Skeleton (H2) Map Sprite
Skeleton (H2)

Skeletons are an undead unit associated with the Necropolis faction as the first tier unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and its expansion, The Price of Loyalty. They can be recruited by a player in possession of a Necromancer town by building an excavation. Like all other undead units in the game, they are immune to any and all mind-affecting spells, as well as Bless and Curse, as well as always possessing neutral morale.

Skeletons are notable for their ability to grow in numbers exponentially as the game progresses, which can actually make them fairly dangerous despite being the bottom-tier unit for their faction. Heroes with a high Necromancy skill can easily meet or surpass the numbers of throngs of the Knight faction. Though weak like other first tier monsters, they have good speed and will hit for about as much damage as Zombie, the next-tier creature for the Necromancers.

A clever Hero will use their available Skeletons during offensive attacks against creatures that they can be likely to kill or cripple, in order to avoid disastrous repercussions such as painful retaliations.

See the article on Skeleton (H2) on Fandom's mightandmagic wiki.

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