Skeleton (MM1 PC)
Skeleton (MM1 NES)

Half the man he used to be.

Skeletons are an undead monster found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Their armor class and hit points are average and their speed is sub par, while their damage output is surprisingly above average. They can also advance to the front lines if in the back of a group of monsters, replacing weaker allies in the front.

They are one of the monster types in Might and Magic One to be forcefully fought in a fixed encounter, which takes place in the cavern under Sorpigal.

The skeletons are one of the few enemies whose sprites—not just their original PC sprite but their ported sprite on the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well—were not reused by any other enemy in the game. Oddly, their original sprite has a ghostly aura of a large skull behind them for unknown reasons, while during the port they are altered, losing the lower half of their torso.

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