Skeleton Mice

Skeleton mice are a smaller variation of the significantly more common Skeleton Rat, and are just one of a wide variation of animal skeleton decorations that are made available around Halloween. They are known to be sold singly or in packs of six and can add a flair to a haunted house decor theme.

Made of durable plastic, they come in three poses: Crouching, laying, and standing. They also possess hinged jaws and positionable tails to help balance them and to set each mouse apart from the others. Although based on actual mouse skeletal structure, some artistic license is taken by giving them ears.

It is suggested to place them in places such as one would find an actual mouse around the house, such as in shadowy corners, placed on high shelves, or even near the entry to appear as if aggressively ready to nip at the ankles of anyone who enters.

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