Skeleton Spider

Skeleton spider are a monster undead arachnid, and are just one of a wide variation of animal skeleton decorations that are made available around Halloween. They are known to be sold singly or in packs of six and can add a flair to a haunted house decor theme.

While far from scientifically accurate (as spiders have exoskeletons, not endoskeletons), it combines the phobia of spiders with the spookiness of skeletons into a fantastical monster. Even so, they have become an interesting staple of modern Halloween decor, and in modern years they are produced by several companies in a variation of sizes, with some being more than 1ft tall.

Made of durable, all-weather plastic, it is built for suitable indoor and outdoor placement. In some models, the legs can fold underneath the body for easy storage, although this feature is not seen in all models.

One suggestion is to place them in or around large cotton webs.

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