Fright night

Screenshot from the episode.

"Fright Night" is a Halloween-themed episode of the TV show The Brady Bunch.


After scaring the girls in the middle of the night, the boys are filled with laughter. Then, the girls find a projector with a picture of a Peter in a ghost costume and decide to get even. At dinner, they dare the boys to sleep in the attic for the whole night and if they get scared and run back down they will get the boy's allowences. The boys agree and get ready.

In the middle of the night, a sound wakes them. It is a voice that says, "I need air, let me out!". The boys are creeped out by this and they run back down except for Greg. He finds a tape recorder and a string that leads down to the girlss room and they loose the dare.

The next morning they decide to scare Alice the housekeeper and set up some spooky traps. Greg and Bobby take a skull decoration and shine a flashlight in it. Peter records Cindy's voice on a tape recorder and Marcia and Jan set up a ghost decoration. Everything gets ruined when their parents Mike and Carol, not Alice, arrive  and forbid the children from doing any more scaring. Alice arrives, wreaks Mike and Carol's head sculpture and the children get grounded.

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