To move or not to move

Screenshot from the episode.

"To Move or Not to Move" is a Halloween-themed episode of the TV show The Brady Bunch.


After the children start arguing about the bathrooms, they go and complain to Mike and Carol that they need a new house. Mike goes out searching and finds a new house that just came on the market but the children and Alice the housekeeper are not very excited about it.

While Carol and Alice are talking in the kitchen, they hear a moan. They ask Greg if he heard it and he says that he did not. Then it happens again and he hears it. The next night Mike is out of town. A noise wakes up Bobby and Cindy and they come running down the stairs. Alice and Carol are scared too when they hear crashes and doors shutting.

After a whole week of living with things that go bump in the night, the children meet up in their room and it is revealed that they have been playing the noises from tape recorders and shutting doors and windows. They hatch a plan to scare away a visitor who wants to buy their house. While Alice is in her room getting ready for bed, Bobby and Cindy dress up as ghosts and give her a bad scare. Bobby and Cindy run through the room just as Mike gets home. He finds out what the children are up to but tells the visitor says that if the children are willing to protect their house, then it is no longer for sale.

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