Screenshot from the episode.

"The Big Score" is a Halloween special of the animated TV series The Buzz on Maggie.

An American animated TV show airing on the Disney Channel between June 2005 and May 2006, The Buzz on Maggie follows the life of anthropomorphic fly Maggie Pesky and her immediate family, living their lives in the suburban Stickyfeet, a fly city located in a local dump. An attendant of Buzzdale Academy, Maggie is an ambitious tween with aspirations of becoming a rock star whose impulsive, adventurous nature often puts her in jeopardy. This results in slapstick comedy and a minimal level of gross-out humor. Common familial sitcom themes such as sibling rivalry and peer pressure were often used as plot devices, with her ultimately learning a lesson by the end of the episode.


Maggie and the gang head to the human world to go trick-or-treating but Pubert gets a little high on sugary sweets and Maggie gets a little high on trying to get more candy than Aldrin.

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