The Cemetery Mystery is a Halloween-themed level in the SNES game, Pocky & Rocky, and is the game's third stage. In it, the priestess Pocky and her friend, the magical Tanooki Rocky continue chasing after the evil wizard, Dark Mantle.

Not far into the cemetery the pair encounter a confused Lich who thinks they are Nopino Goblins trying to stop them from entering the mausoleum. With his defeat he escapes and the doors open, leaving them to enter anyway. A genie is their next opponent, floating between four jars. Defeating this foe enter the catacombs. These Catacombs are filled with giant dropping skulls and moving, crushing walls. Reaching the deepest section of the catacombs Pocky & Rocky are once more stopped by the Lich. The Lich eventually is once again defeated and Pocky and Rocky escape the catacombs and move on to a mountain region.

Although Skeletons are not an enemy, they are featured all over the cemetery segment of the level, trying unsuccessfully to crawl out of their graves. The fog in this same area has notably scary faces, as well.


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