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The poster of the film.

The House That Never Dies (simplified Chinese: 京城81号) is a 2014 Chinese thriller movie directed by Raymond Yip. It stars Frances Nig, Li Jing and Ruby Lin. The film is based on folklore about a haunted house in Beijing, Chaoyangmennei Street No. 81. It is known as one of the "Four Oriental Haunted Houses".


In about 1914, two years after the Qing Dynasty's collapse, a notable family, known as the House of Huo, live in Chaonei No. 81. A singing prostitute named Lu Dieyu falls in love with the third son of Master Huo, Lianqi. However, Lianqi's request of marriage is refused by his parents. The couple insists and they finally marry. However, on the wedding night, the bridegroom is revealed to be Lianqi's deceased elder brother Lianping - the second son of Master Huo. Lu is thrown into a coffin and stays there with the corpse of her "husband". After this posthumous wedding ceremony, Lu surprisingly becomes pregnant, and numerous rumors circulate about the whole family. Later, a bloody murder occurs within the family. The only thing that the family has left is the house, which becomes haunted.

A century has past. In 2014, Xu Ruoqing, a descendant of the residents in Chaonei No. 81, returns to the haunted house. She later learns the dreadful history of the family, and surprisingly awakens the evil spirits and hatred from the past.


  • Xu Ruoqing/Lu Dieyu - Ruby Lin
  • Huo Lianxiu/Zhao Yingtang - Francis Ng
  • Huo Lianping - Li Qing
  • Huo Lianqi - Tony Yang
  • Therapist - Qin Hailu
  • Lianxiu's wife - Patricia Ha

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