"This time, terror has teeth." — Tagline
The Montauk Monster is a horror novel written by Hunter Shea and published Pinnacle Fiction.

The book takes place in Montauk during the summer; one hot night, two locals are discovered torn to shreds among the dunes. While they are known to be locals, their identities are still unrecognizable. Not long after, a woman discovers four terrifying creatures in her backyard. She finds out that they are not only hostile, but also ravenous.

Every day to follow finds the terror escalating, the creatures arising once more to infect the citizens with a virus that no one knows the cure for, including CDC and FEMA. Suffolk County Police Officer Gray Dalton is on the trail of discovering the origin of these unholy creations. Led to the nearby Plum Island, Dalton finds that the US research facility located here has been conducting top-secret experiments. The results of these experiments was never intended to see the light of day.. and now, the vacation paradise is succumbing to the monsters.

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