They Live Animated Prop


The They Live Animated Prop is a scary prop decoration for display around Halloween. Officially licensed by Universal Studios, the mask was sculpted by Russ Lukich of Trick or Treat Studios and it is manufactured by Distortions Unlimited - most famous for being the company from the reality show, Making Monsters. It represents one of the aliens disguised as the world's elites from the cult classic 1988 movie They Live, that use subliminal messages across media to cull and even control the masses.

The right arm of the prop is fully posable from the elbow to the hand. It uses an internal industrial motor to cause the arm to move up and down to simulate a scene in the movie where one of the aliens relays a message into its communicator watch that the main character can see their true form.

As the motor and pistons that drive the arm are made of solid metal instead of plastic, it is considered to be of high quality construction and will survive a good deal of wear and tear or abuse.

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