aka Eric Moro

  • I live in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is VP of Content
  • I am Male
  • Bio Eric Moro is the VP of Content at Fandom. His career as a writer/editor has led to stints at IGN, Now Playing, and Cinescape to name a few, as well as unit publicity work on cult favorite film Napoleon Dynamite. Play “Six Degrees of Eric Moro” and you can connect him to Sharknado in just one turn.
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  • Ericmoro

    What a difficult decision! Over 120 wikis participated in our “1st Annual Halloween Costume Contest” and, boy... were there some great entries! Everyone really got into the spirit and came up with creative holiday-themed skins, wordmarks, section headers, etc. It’s fun to see that even the most “innocent” of communities can be made spooky for one night a year.

    But alas, only one wiki can be crowned the winner and that illustrious honor goes to...

    The League of Legends PH Wiki! That community really went all out for the contest -- see for yourself in the screen-grab below:

    Honorable mentions also go to the Club Penguin Wiki...

    ... and the Friendship is Magic Wiki.

    Thanks so much to all who participated. It’s great to see that we have such engagi…

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  • Ericmoro

    Ah, Halloween. What other holiday has such a liberating effect on the average Joe? For one day a year, people throw crazy parties (no matter what day of the week it is), give and receive tasty treats, and dress up in outrageous costumes that rightfully can be interpreted as true displays of our individuality.

    It’s kinda fun to scare people, too.

    Wikia would like to throw a crazy party of its own and we’re inviting the entire community. But be warned: You have to come in costume! Specifically, we’d like you to “dress up” your wiki for Halloween. What exactly do we mean by that? Give your wiki a holiday-themed makeover by adding a custom skin (one that captures not only the spirit of Halloween, but the fun/theme/uniqueness of your particular c…

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