Welcome to dead house

The original front cover of Welcome to Dead House.

Welcome to Dead House is the first book in the Goosebumps book series. The tag line is, "It Will Just Kill You!" It is followed by Stay Out of the Basement.


Amanda Benson is twelve years old and her brother Josh is eleven. They are both moving to a new home with their parents. Even though their new home town Dark Falls is only four hours away from their old home and town they are very unhappy about moving. Maybe it is because it happened so suddenly.

During the day and night strange things happen but only to Amanda. She sees weird looking people in the night and the day. However, Amanda and Josh later make friends with the group of odd-looking children. Their leader is a boy named Ray, Amanda and Josh's dog Petey keeps barking at him, but they ignore him.

Later, Amanda and Josh find their house surrounded by dead children. They defeat Ray by shining light at him which destroys him and run to find their parents tied up. They save them with the power of light. While they are leaving, they see a new family buying their house. Amanda looks at them and just forgets about it.

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