When ghosts attack

The show's logo.

When Ghosts Attack is an American TV series about people getting attacked by ghosts. The first episode aired on October 20, 2013. It airs on Sunday nights at nine o' clock on Destination America.

List of episodes

"There's No Place Like Hell"

A family moves into their dream home, but after losing her husband to the demonic activity, the wife researches the violent history of the evil home. Later, a single mom, her boyfriend, and two daughters suffer attacks from an evil entity. They think it has a connection to the old abandoned mill across the street from their house.

"Deliver Us From Evil Spirits"

The Sinston family moves to a normal American family home until their house becomes possessed by an entity and it starts to attack them all one by one. Later, a woman and her husband only survive for thirty eight days in an old haunted house.

"Wicked Warriors"

A man is excited to live out in the forest with his daughter and her child, but an unknown Native American entity starts threatening the child. Later, An American war hero comes home to fight something he cannot even see.

"Voices of the Dead"

A family finds their dream home until an unknown entity starts targeting their children. Later, Texan sisters decide to renovate and open a hotel where a murderer once stayed.

"Ghost Stalker"

A woman finally finds the man she wants to marry and he asks her to move in, but a jealous entity soon starts to target her and the rest of her family. Later, a woman and her four daughters decide to start over and they find the perfect home until spirits in the home put them through a living hell.

"History to Horror"

"Phantom Fallout"

"Beasts from the Beyond"