Spider super stretch

White Super Stretch Spiderweb

The White Superstretch Spiderweb is a creepy soft spider web designed decoration. Spider web decorations such as these are considered a staple of typical Halloween decorating! This superstretch is the longest spiderweb in the world, it travels up to four hundred feet! Have fun!

Directions and tips

Created using strands of cotton, these decorations are set up by either tacking, taping, or otherwise hooking edges of the webbing to a variety of objects around the house or location of interest to make it appear as if a large spider or numerous small spiders have constructed a cobweb in the area. For better effect, it is smart to keep the points where the web contacts the walls and objects uneven -- too much symmetry in contact points may throw off the illusion.

The package comes with 4 spiders which should be placed throughout the web. Many Halloween shops open during the month, and sometimes other party stores, will sell small spiders that you can be purchased if desired to make it appear as a huge nest, and larger spider directions can be placed near to or on the web if desired. For a creepy look, you can buy a large spider and have it half-hidden behind something but partially touching the web, as real spiders will do, making it look like it is ready and just waiting for something to touch the web before running out and attacking its prey.

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