Witch costume
Name: Witch costume
Difficulty level: Easy
Common? Yes
Male or Female? Female

One of the classic, popular Halloween costumes is a witch costume. There are many variations -- the scary witch, the alien witch, witches from particular tales (e.g., Glenda the Good Witch from Oz), sexy witch, child witch or other "themed" witches, such as a purple one.

The simple version of the costume is a black, long dress. Optional accessories include a wand, a cape or robe, a long-haired black wig, pointed hat with a large, round, flat rim and/or a stuffed toy or rubber animal (such as a cat, owl, bat, rat, spider or toad) to represent the witch's familiar. Some variations include an ugly face - either using a mask or face paint and a fake nose. A variation of the costume is the "sexy witch costume" with a short black dress and "hot" make-up.

To make the costume distinctive, the wearer may choose colors other than black. White is sometimes used for a "good" witch or green for an environmentally conscious witch.


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