Zombie (MM1 PC)
Ghoul (MM1 NES)

The ghostly NES sprite

Zombies are an undead monster found in the 1986 video game Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Like with most game-based iterations of zombies, they have high hit points but low speed; they also have low armor class and damage output. They are very susceptible to the Turn Undead spell, and using it will instantaneously kill off most if not all of the undead on the field. Any Zombie to survive should be ignored following the spell while other foes are taken care of, as the zombies high HP will make killing them take more time while their low damage output makes them less of a threat than other creatures.

Strangely for zombies, their original PC sprite seems ore fit than most regular men, and unwounded. This may hint that they are intended to be the original voodoo-style zombies as opposed to the modern variants. When the game was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, its sprite was replaced with a far more ghostly appearance, equally removed from the typical idea of a zombie.

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